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Diego Corredera
I'm Diego Corredera and this is my Deviantart account. Here you will find pictures of my LEGO MOC's of the videos that I upload in my youtube page, my drawings and another extra creations.

Criticism is welcome and really appreciated!

Please, do not spam, I don't want comments like ''cool, awesome, nice moc , do a how-to'' these ones will be ignored.


Moriarch (Details)
:youtube: ----> ---VIDEO HERE---

Bullet; Red Original pic


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Moc. Moriarch the Blood Usurper (Youtube)
:youtube: ---->                                                                  Right Arrow ---VIDEO HERE---Left Arrow

Moriarch was a master sorcerer who lived in Thaloks. Because of his pride and greed he refused to transmit his knowledge to an apprentice so that not to lose such wisdom in his death, he managed to conjure a spell that would allow him to live forever if he continually nourished his body of new blood. However this would make him an even more ruthless and horrendous creature.
To achieve his goal, Moriarch leaps forward, thrusting the central point of his trident into the neck of his victims to suck their blood.[...]

Enjoy the video and comment it please!  
Youtube-25th June


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Barraki War-Lady Pridak
Some people got upset when I did a female Takadox, then more people got upset because of my female Kalmah lol it's really funny to see how people react to my gender swaps of these Barraki .But some of you asked me to draw Pridak, so here you have a new creepy creep from the deep :3

I'm still a rebel yay

YouTube Icon  Youtube…Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]

Got tagged by this furry man :iconazonbobcat:

-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged

-Write 13 things about yourself

~Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~

-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged      hahaha No

-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"

-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.                       yay

13 Things About Me:

1. I hate the heat with all my internal energy

2. I'm diabetic                stupid genetic

3.I don't have any tattoos yet but I would like to get a one when I have enough money

4.Last year I started to study sciences baccalaureate and it was one of my biggest errors in life, don't study what people say you  is better to you, study what makes you happy

5. My favorite bands/singers are Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Three days grace, Disturbed, Celldweller and Blue Stahli

6. I am a very negative person tired of humanity and its self-destructive and childish behavior. Looks like the society is involution every day even more

7. I enjoy rainy day and many times I go out for a walk under the rain. However I don't like at all windy days

8.The animals fascinate me and whenever I can I approach them to appreciate their anatomy and behavior

9. When I'm alone I like to sing, but I sound really bad lol

10. I don't like the competitive sports as football or basketball, but I do skate

11. I hate TV and how adv try to manipulate people's thoughts, I spend most of the time I'm in home listening to music

12. I am totally against populist religions  and the damage they have done (are doing) to the society imposing his way of thinking and crushing the others'. I can't understand homophobic and racist people ,we should respect every way of thinking

13. I don't like tags

Now to the questions for me:

1. Do you enjoy Spicy food ?
You can't imagine how much I love spicy food                        viva México
2. Where are you from?
I'm Spanish
3. Do you want to learn any language?
I'm not too bad in English but I would like to be able to speak much better than I know       But hey, Japanese would be cool too
4. What is your favorite type of music?
I usually use to listen alternative rock, metal (deathcore ,metalcore...) electronic-rock and epic soundtracks
5. Do you enjoy Video Games?
I've quite enjoyed them for a long time, but lately I don't really feel like playing many video games
Halo, Pokémon and Spyro the dragon saga have been my always favorite video games
6. Do you like soda? And if yes, what kind of soda?
I do not drink many sodas, but I like Coke                                  (I prefer the coffee)
7. How many years did you spent on the internet?
Almost half of my life
8. Do you like old things?
Not too much, I prefer every futuristic stuff, I love sci-fi
9. Digital or Traditional art?
I suffer hand quake, so I'm not able to make a neat traditional drawing then I edit it digitally where I can be happy with my precious undo button
10. What is your favorite book?
woops I don't usually read owo
11. What is your opinion on furries?
In fact I like furry art (Not as a fetish) normally related to Pokemon although I'm not highly interested. I think there's a lot of cool furry stuff but in the other hand there are some people who are too obssesed about it in my opinion
12. Fantasy or Sci-Fi?
I like both but I'm more interested in all kind of futuristic stuff, StarWars fan forever
13. Best movie you had ever seen?
I haven't got a single favorite movie, but the three that I like the most are Star wars III The revenge of the sith, Aliens and Avatar

-I won't tag anyone-


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